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Hi, my name is Hashima, and my goal is to enhance your writing. Your writing represents you and in many respects, is you.  Your writing represents not only your vision and creative spirit, but your professionalism and commitment to excellence.  When it comes to getting your book the attention it needs, or to submit that important business proposal, accuracy and first impressions can very well break or broker the deal.  Writing is an extension of you. Whether it is your creative literary works (i.e. novels, short stories, screen plays, etc), or academic and research papers, corporate and business presentations, publications, or proposals; your writing skills speaks volumes about YOU.  In this day and age, putting your best foot forward the first time can be absolutely critical to being invited in the door. Contact me and allow me to polish, not change your work. Your work is your vision. Your vision is YOU.  Allow me to simply enhance it while you relax, take a break for a while, or go on to another task.

Though there are many types of editing services, I keep it simple.  Depending on how much work is needed, how quickly the turnaround time, and yes, your budget, one of my two services will definitely fit your needs:  

Structural Editing.  This is what some clients refer to as "book doctoring" or content editing.  Structural Editing involves fixing issues in your manuscript such as plot structure, scene development, character development, viewpoint, physical setting, and narrative style. This is the most involved type of editing and is also the most expensive.  However, remember, the old commercial “Pay me now, or pay me later?”  Pay me later is generally far more expensive than stepping back and allowing me to take what I call “a deep dive” into your manuscript. This eliminates having to pull your work back (or worse, have it returned) because it has far too many issues with it.  For a nominal fee, which would be subtracted from the overall fee if you choose Structural Editing performed, I will look review your manuscript to determine whether you need this more extensive type of editing.

Copy Editing:  Not all manuscripts require Structural Editing. When this is the case, copy editing is the best selection. Copy Editing involves correcting typos, punctuation errors, misspellings, page formatting mistakes and basic issues with sentence structure. Trust me, if a reader can’t get past the first few pages of your work without gritting their teeth because of misplaced comma (or lack thereof), or too many misspelled words, your Best Seller or your Winning Proposal is will not be taken seriously. Most writers tend to write very well, but when you are so close to your work, the small things go overlooked.

There you have it. Don't fret over the small stuff. Don't put off editing for tomorrow when you can get it done today. You have already done the hard part, now let me do the rest. There really is no project too small or too big, and all clients are given personalized attention, regardless of the size of their project. 

That is it, Hashima's View, Providing Personal Attention to Enhance your Excellent Work!